What we do

Welcome to Longmada Coil-less, Non-leaking, Cleaner taste vaporizer world!

Established in 2010 , Shenzhen Longmada Technology Co., Ltd is a 15-year leading manufacturer of Electronic Cigarettes, disposable eshisha and dry herb/wax/cbd oil vaporizer.

Specialized in Resarching and Developing a cleaner taste non-leaking vaping device, we have developed 10 more patented technology, including the exclusive design patent “One-piece Touch Point Ceramic Heating Technology” applied in Mr. Bald T vaporizer.

With Mr. Bald series wickless leaking-proof vaporizer selling hot in the market, our brand is rapidly rising in the market.

We’re the first and only China-based manufacturer who specializes in Ceramic/Quartz Wick-less heating chamber, which is super clean and tasteful with your herbs/wax concentrates. There is no exposing coils, won’t create you a mess, feel ease to clean and change any kind of other materials inside, enjoy non- polluted vapor.

With professional service team, complete and mature OEM/ODM project management system, our customers always enjoy smooth communication, efficient project progress.

We will keep serving more customers happily with advanced heating techniques, solid-built quality products and high acting speed.